Few Love Shayari in Hinglish for Girlfriend

Saza-e-maut hai nazren utha kar dekhna unko,
chalo phir bhi nazar unse milakar dekh lete hain,
wo unki nazron mein aur baaton mein hai bala ka jaadu,
chalo jaadu ka unke khud pe asar dekh lete hain.

Yun to khaamosh hain phir bhi sawal karte hain,
aise sawalon ke jawab se hum darte hain,
humara ho jawab kuch aur unki kuch tamanna ho,
hum to karte hain unse ishq kya wo karte hain?

Ravi Uncle’s Love Shayari

Love Shayari of Ravi Uncle

I grew up in a joint family. So, I’ve had the fortune of receiving the warmth and luminosity of a big family. Since I am the youngest, I had been pampered the most. All my needs have been taken care of either by my parents or my uncles or my grandparents. Every evening after dinner, I would go over to the other side of our house and spend time with Ravi uncle. He was my favourite.

He used to offer me dark brown – coloured sweets. I always found them beautiful. There was magic in the way they glistened. I loved it even more when they melted on my finger. Sometimes, Ravi uncle would give it to me right after taking it out of the refrigerator. The kind of sound it made when it crumbled. The sense of taste was exotic.

I’d ask my uncle numerous time where he used to find these beautiful laden sweets. Although, he would never reveal the true place that he had purchased them from, he would often describe how the chocolate was made. “The dark brown sweet was something that was made from a far grown coco bean,” he would say. Whatever it was, the experience was magical and would let me discover a new kind of pleasure.

I would take special time to enjoy the chocolate to the fullest. Savouring every last bite, I would nibble on them like they would never end. It was during times like these that my uncle would recite his Love Shayari.

There is something you should know about uncle Ravi. He was a true, old – school romantic. He was the kind whose romance was fuelled with self – love. Along with the many stories of love that he had encountered, I would often hear his Love Shayari as well.

Now that I’m young and at the right age to find love, I think of those times. Sometimes, I get fed up of witnessing the externalized love that is filled with narcissistic manners surviving among our generation. Love doesn’t work that way. True romance is when we lose ourselves in the moment with our soul – mate. That moment is so sacred that you cannot share the same moment twice. Therefore, it is important to seize the moment while we can.

Social media has the ability of destroying the true essence of whatever is left of our love. A true romantic bond is from one heart to another. It connects one soul to another like never before. It is something that cannot be found in markets or cannot be bought with money.

I still remember the Love Shayaris that my uncle used to narrate when I was a kid. It was not his words or the reach of his creativity that touched my heart. It was the kind of emotions that he narrated the Love Shayaris with that completely swept me off my feet. He is a true inspiration for me while I search for a true love of my own. I don’t personally pursue the girl that I will get in the future; however, I do wait for the right one. I know she will come to me.

When one feels romance and one feels it is for real, it is essential to always treasure it. The right one is something special that only the two of you will share. A rose may or may not be perfect, but it’s still a rose. Love dwells through forms of art and my uncle lives through his mysterious dark brown sweets and extremely moving Love Shayari. So tell me, through what form of art does yours live through?