Balancing Your Wants and Your Needs

In the current economic climate we all need to make cutbacks in our personal expenditure to ensure we are all a bit more financially secure. One of the easiest ways to save your money is to figure out what you need to spend money and make certain that there is always that amount of capital around to meet those payments. By balancing your wants against your needs you can make sure you’re never in trouble money wise when it comes to vital expenditure.

A need is an expenditure that has to be made to be able to carry on your day-to-day life:

Food is an essential need – without you your body wouldn’t be able to function stopping you from going about your daily routine and in the long run you would eventually die from a lack of food.

Shelter is another essential – you need a place to live to protect you from the elements and to ensure financial security. Without a fixed address it is almost impossible to be considered for a job, or any type of payday loan.

In addition to it being the law to cover up, clothes are also an essential that need to be paid for. No clothes and you are not protected from the elements which can lead to all sorts of disasters.

Your wants however, are simply things that you like, but don’t really need. For instance, although food is a need buying the most expensive labels as you prefer the taste is a want. If you’re struggling to make ends meet then the most responsible thing is to bite your tongue and lower your standards. If you like going for the high end food labels, cut back and buy supermarket brands that are a lot cheaper; if you have a contract phone look to downgrade the type of contract or the phone you use to get a cheaper deal; if you like to buy clothes from pricey fashion stores cut back and buy cheaper clothes.

You can of course make the occasional splurge as a treat, but if you can’t really afford items at the higher end of the market then you have to start living a lifestyle more suited to your bank balance.

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Christmas budgeting and your cash card

There’s always a temptation to let your hair down a bit at Christmas even though this may mean that there’s a chance you end up spending more than you intended to. If you use your cash card to manage your Christmas spending though, you could find that you stay in control and in budget.

How prepay cards work

You may sometimes hear cash cards being referred to as prepaid credit cards though they are not actually credit cards. There is, in fact, no credit involved at all in a prepaid card transaction.

They could probably best be described as a plastic form of cash with a few added advantages. Prepaid cards bear a logo, for example Visa, and can typically be used at ATMs, shops and other outlets wherever that logo is displayed. You can only spend what you have previously decided to load onto the card. You can make internet and telephone purchases. Your money may be a whole lot safer as cash cards are typically PIN protected and can be easily blocked if they are lost or stolen. You could load money onto your cash card little by little in the weeks leading up to your Christmas shopping trip and while you typically won’t get any interest on your funds, it could help ease the strain a little.

Available online

You can typically apply for a prepaid card online. Because there’s no credit involved – you can only spend your own money – you may find that no credit check will be carried out.

This could be a very useful facility if you have had credit problems in the past and are finding it difficult to track down a traditional financial institution prepared to offer you a credit or a debit card.

You’ll typically find full details of fees and charges on the card provider’s internet site.

Season of good sense

If you want to enjoy Christmas but feel that you could get carried away a bit and spend more than you can afford, then don’t give yourself opportunities for overspending or running up credit.

With a cash card you can leave all your other sources of spending power (credit card, debit card cheque book) at home. Then go shopping, knowing that you are in real control of your spending.

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Getting away over Christmas? How payday advance loans may help

For some people, Christmas is only Christmas if it is spent at home with friends and family. For others though, getting away over Christmas is how they prefer to spend the holiday period. Either way, December may be a financially-strapped month for many of us but payday advance loans may be a solution to help tide you over to your next payday.

Characteristics of a payday loan

Payday advance loans are potentially a relatively easy way of finding a little bit of extra money quickly.

While this may vary among the pay day loan companies, typically these loans: are for amounts of between $100-3000, can be applied for online, have a fast credit check, can be paid into your bank account in as little as a couple of hours, are repaid, together with agreed interest and charges, in one go on your next payday, may be available even if you have had credit issues in the past.
Characteristics of a payday loan borrower

If you want to apply for a payday loan you’ll typically have: to be aged 18+ and be resident in the USA, to be in verifiable employment with recognised pay dates, have a bank account which has a debit card attached, be able to realistically afford to repay the loan amount from a month’s income without having to borrow again the following month.

How it works

The mechanics of these paperless loans are straightforward.

If the application is accepted, the loan may be paid directly into your bank account. If your bank can accept fast transfers then this can happen in an hour or two, otherwise you may have to wait until the next working day.

Then, on your chosen payday, the whole amount to be repaid is typically debited to your account using your card details. You don’t have to remember to do anything apart form make sure you have the money in there – repayment will all happen automatically.

Credit issues

Because the amounts involved in fast cash loans of this nature are relatively small, lenders may be prepared to lend to people whose credit status may mean that they would be turned down by more traditional lenders.

Christmas can be a very expensive time of year either at home or away. So whether you are a stay at home type or just prefer to get away from the razzmatazz of the festive period, why not see how payday advance loans could help you?

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Christmas cash advance payday loans

With Christmas coming up it can feel like you may never have the time to get all the stuff on your list of people to buy for. Sometimes the number of people you need to buy presents for seems to double overnight. So why not look into cash advance payday loans to take up the slack?

What are they for?

Payday loans are for anything that you want to spend them on. They are a form of cash advance until your next payday, like a cash injection, which are paid back on or around your next payday, together with any interest and fees.

So whether you are thinking about using one to get your Christmas shopping done early, or if you are thinking about using one for a dire financial emergency, a payday loan may be a solution.

Who can apply?

Payday advances may not be guaranteed to every applicant. However, if you are:

over 18;
in full time work;
living permanently in the USA.
and are applying for an amount sensible in relation to the amount you earn,
you may be considered. It may not matter if you do not own your own home. Applicants who have had problems with bad credit may also apply, although not everyone may be accepted automatically.

How long does it take?

If you are concerned about the process taking a long time, with Christmas creeping up on you, do not worry. The online application form for most cash advance payday loans may typically be filled in around five minutes (depending on the provider).

Fortunately, payday lenders may typically use online electronic checks for identity and creditworthiness, which means that there is none of the agonizing waiting around that you may typically associate with loan applications.

Assuming that your application has been accepted, you may be able to access the funds within a couple of hours, or the very next working day.

Is it complicated?

Every stage of the borrowing process is designed to be straightforward from the customer’s point of view. Not only are the forms easy to fill in, but payday lenders may typically make it clear exactly how much will be due when the loan needs to be repaid. No need to reach for the calculator!

As if that was not simple enough, the repayment for cash advance payday loans (plus interest and fees) may typically be deducted straight from your bank account when they are due. So if you are organised enough, you could have borrowed the money, bought the present, wrapped it and repaid the loan before Christmas!

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